Keynote Speaker

Dr. Faye Taxman

Faye S. Taxman, Ph.D., is a University Professor in the Criminology, Law and Society Department and Director of the Advancing Correctional Excellence Center at George Mason University. She is recognized for her work in the development of the seamless systems of care models that link criminal justice with other service delivery systems, as well as reengineering probation and parole supervision services. Dr. Taxman has active “laboratories” with her nearly 25 year agreement with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, and has received funding from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, National Institute of Corrections, and other agencies.

Dr. Taxman is co-author (with Steven Belenko) of Implementation of Evidence Based Practices in Community Corrections and Addiction Treatment (Springer, 2011), and senior author of Tools of the Trade: A guide to incorporating science into supervision. Her team developed the RNR Simulation Tool ( that facilitates evidence-based practices in criminal justice and treatment organizations. 

Dr. Taxman is the current chair of JJ-TRIALS (Juvenile Justice Translational Research on Interventions for Adolescents in the Legal System), a NIDA-funded research cooperative. She is also the co-editor of Health & Justice, an open-access journal. She has received numerous awards, including a Fellow of the Academy of Experimental Criminology and the Distinguished Scholar from the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Sentencing and Corrections (twice), and the Ted Palmer and Rita Warren Differential Intervention Award (ASC).

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