2011 Presentations

Posting the conference presentations allows prior and future attendees to view the depth and breadth of the research and expertise of our presenters. We made our best effort to include as many presentations as possible, but some may not be available because we were unable to save them, the presenter did not give permission to post, or because we are missing a presenter permission form for online posting.

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Interface Between Substance Abuse and Infectious Disease Treatment

Fredrick L. Altice, M.D.
Director of Clinical & Community Research, Yale University School of Medicine

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The Next Generation of Behavioral Health-Criminal Justice Interventions: Improving Outcomes by Improving the Interventions

Nancy Wolff, Ph.D.
Rutgers University, Center for Behavioral Health Services & Criminal Justice Research

Bureau of Justice Statistics and Indicators of Correctional Healthcare

William J. Sabol
Bureau of Justice Statistics

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S1: Infectious Diseases

Seek, Test and Treat: Addressing HIV in the Criminal Justice Population

Josiah Rich, M.D., M.P.H.
Department of Medicine, Brown University Med School

Seek, Test, and Treat: Research to Address HIV and Drug Abuse in the Criminal Justice System

Redonna K. Chandler, Ph.D.
Services Research Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Provision of Medication-Assisted Therapy and HIV Treatment Outcomes Among Released HIV-Infected Prisoners

Fredrick L. Altice, M.D.
Director of Clinical & Community Research, Yale University School of Medicine

Linking HIV-infected Inmates to Antiretroviral Therapy Following Prison

Kevin Knight, Ph.D.
Institute of Behavioral Research, Texas Christian University

Seek, Test, and Treat: Can it be Applied to Hepatitis C in Criminal Justice Populations?

Curt G. Beckwith, M.D.
The Miriam Hospital/Alpert Medical School of Brown University


S2: Mental Health

Self-injurious Behavior in the Nation’s Prison System: Results and Implications of a National Survey

Kenneth Appelbaum, M.D.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Jeffrey Metzner, M.D.
University of Colorado

Judy Savageau, M.P.H.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Robert Trestman, Ph.D., M.D.
University of Connecticut Health Center


S3: Policy

Health Reform: Eligibility of Pretrial Detainees — A Complicated Bonanza

Robert B. Greifinger, M.D.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

S4: Practice Redesign

Development and Implementation of a "Shared/Meeting Group" Medical Appointment for Chronic Disease Within the Prison System

Colleen Gallagher, M.A., CADAC, CCHP
Connecticut Department of Correction

Barbara LaFrance, M.S., APRN, FNP-BC
University of Connecticut Health Center/CMHC

Lynne Neff, RN, B.S.N.
Wanda White-Lewis, RN, B.S., M.A.
(all) Connecticut Department of Correction


S5: Research Methods

Translating Across Disciplines: Utility of Evidence Mapping in Correctional Health

Faye S. Taxman, Ph.D.
George Mason University, Criminology, Law & Society

Fredrick L. Altice, M.D.
Michael Soule, B.A.
(all) Yale University

S6: Mental Health

It Takes a Village. Reentry of Seriously Mentally Ill and Medically Compromised Inmates: Statewide Collaboration

Vicky Alston, M.S.W., LCSW, QICSW, DCSW
University of Connecticut Health Center

Suzanne Ducate, M.D.
Connecticut Department of Correction

Kathryn Porter, LPN
University of Connecticut Health Center

David Rentler, Psy.D.
Board of Pardons & Parole

Marie Carlin, CCHP
University of Connecticut Health Center


S7: Policy

Responding to Prisoner Sexual Violence — Current Implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act

Robert W. Dumond, LCMHC, CCMHC, Diplomate CFC
Consultants for Improved Human Services, PLLC


S8: Practice Redesign

Testing a Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Intervention in the Kentucky State Prison System

Debra Moser, D.N.Sc., RN
Alison Connell, Ph.D., RN
Terry Lennie, Ph.D., RN
Misook Chung, Ph.D., RN

(all) University of Kentucky-Dept of Fam Prac


S9: Substance Abuse / CJ-DATS2

Medication Assisted Treatment Implementation in Community Correctional Environments

Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies

Kevin Knight, Ph.D.
Texas Christian University

Peter D. Friedmann M.D., M.P.H.
Rhode Island Hospital

Jennifer Clarke, M.D., M.P.H.
Brown University Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

Redonna K. Chandler, Ph.D.
Services Research Branch
Division of Epidemiology, Services, and Prevention Research

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L1: Juvenile Justice / Workforce

HIV Prevention Among Juvenile Offenders

Marina Tolou-Shams, Ph.D.
Larry Brown, M.D.

(all) Brown Medical School, Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Exploring Worklife Issues in Provincial Correctional Settings in Ontario, Canada

Joan Almost, RN, Ph.D.
Diane Doran, RN, Ph.D.

(all) Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

Linda Ogilvie, RN, M.Sc.N.
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Crystal Miller, RN
Toronto Jail

Shirley Kennedy, RN
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Carol Timming, RN
Toronto Public Health

Don Rose, RN, Ph.D.
Ryerson University

Mae Squires, RN, Ph.D.
Critical Care Program, Kingston General Hospital

Sue Bookey-Bassett, RN, B.Sc.N., M.Ed.
Larry Brown, M.D.

(all) Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing


L2: Infectious Diseases

Managing STDs in the Correctional Setting: The New Guidelines and a Handbook for Clinicians

Tom Lincoln, M.D.
Baystate Health/Hampden County Correctional Center

Rebecca Lubelczyk, M.D.
UMass Correctional Health

Katherine Hsu, M.D., M.P.H.
Mass. DPH Div of STD Prevention & HIV/AIDS Surveillance

Using Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program RSR Data to Monitor Released Offenders' Linkage to HIV Care

Michael Costa, B.A.
Liza Solomon, Ph.D.

(all) Abt Associates, Inc.


L3: Mental Health

Alternatives to Segregation for Inmates with Serious Mental Illness

Katherine O'Neill, LICSW
Lawrence Weiner, LICSW

(all) Mass. Department of Correction

Joel Andrade, Ph.D., LICSW
Kristin Dame, LICSW
(all) MHM Services, Inc

Medication Adherence in a Corrections Population with Bipolar Disorder

Megan Ehret, Pharm.D.
University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Deborah Shelton, Ph.D.
Leslie Golay, B.A

(all) University of Connecticut


L4: Policy

Why We Should Measure Patient Satisfaction in Correctional Health Care

Lisa DeBilio, Ph.D.
Jeffery Dickert, Ph.D.

(all) UMDNJ-Robert W Johnson FMRP

Health Care in the Texas Prison System: A Looming Fiscal Crisis

Ben Raimer, M.D.
Health Policy and Legislative Affairs

Owen Murray, D.O.
Correctional Managed Health Care


L5: Practice Redesign

Telemedicine's Potential: Enhancing Access and Efficiency of Quality Inmate Care — LSH/UMCH Experience

Kenneth Freedman, M.D., M.S., M.B.A.
Paul Romary, B.A.
Patricia Herald, RN, B.S.N., CNN

(all) Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Thomas Groblewski, D.O.
Helene Murphy, M.Ed., LSW

(all) UMass Medical School, Correctional Health

Pharmacy Practice Within a Correctional Health Care Setting

Erik R. Hamel Pharm.D.
UMass Medical School Clinical Pharmacy Services


L6: Substance Abuse

Opiate Replacement Therapy in Corrections: Past, Present and Future

Nickolas Zaller, Ph.D.
Brown Medical School Family Practice

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation of Medication Assisted Treatment in a Correctional Setting

Josiah D. Rich, M.D., M.P.H.
Miriam Hospital/Brown University Medical School

Michelle McKenzie, M.P.H.
The Miriam Hospital

Michael Fine, M.D.
Gordon R. Bouchard, RN, CCHP
(all) Rhode Island Department of Corrections


L7: Policy

Prisoners’ Human Rights and Day to Day Correctional Health

Corey W. Weinstein, M.D.
Private Practice

Robert Cohen, M.D.
Private Practice


L8: Special Populations

Meeting the Obstetric Needs of Incarcerated Women-Care in a Regional Women's Jail

Donna M Jackson-Kohlin, CNM, M.S.N.
Baystate Midwifery and Women's Health/Baystate Medical Center

Marianne Bullock
The Prison Birth Project

Prison Terminal: Life and Death in a Prison Hospice

Edgar A. Barens, M.F.A.
University of Illinois at Chicago


L9: Workforce

Stepping Up to the Plate: The Correctional Healthcare Workforce — Academic Medicine Must Fit In

David L. Thomas, M.D., J.D.
Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Evaluating Elements of a Corrections Clinical Orientation

Nel L. Walters, FNP, D.N.P.
PHS Correctional Healthcare


L10: Research Methods

Considerations in Conducting Research within a Department of Correction

Rhiana Kohl, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Department of Correction

Nursing Science at the Interface of Criminal Justice, Healthcare and Vulnerable Populations

Donna M. Zucker, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Deborah Shelton, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Denise M. Panosky, D.N.P., RN, CCHP, FCNS

(all) University of Connecticut

Ginette G. Ferszt, Ph.D., RN
University of Rhode Island


L11: Reentry

The Transitions Clinic Network

Shira Shavit, M.D.
University of California-San Francisco

Emily Wang, M.D.
Yale University School of Medicine

Clemens Hong, M.D.
Harvard Medical School

Transition to Primary Care: Assisting Released Prisoners with Acute or Chronic Illnesses Access Primary Care

Robert McMackin, Ed.D.
Chris Jepson, M.S.W.

(all) Lemuel Shattuck Hospital


L12: Public Health

Prevalence of Chronic Medical Conditions Among Inmates in the Texas Prison System

Amy J. Harzke, Dr.P.H.
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Correctional Officer Stress: Causes, Effects, Assessment and Intervention

Andrea M. Brockman, M.S.
NSU; Center for Psychological Studies

Brandi E. Booth, Ph.D.
Warrior Resiliency Program

Vincent B. VanHasselt, Ph.D.
NSU; Center for Psychological Studies


L13: Infectious Diseases/Substance Abuse

Pilot Prison-based N-ALIVE Randomized Controlled Trial of Take-home Naloxone

Sheila M Bird, M.A., Ph.D.
Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit

Treatment Can Work. A Three-year Review of Programming at York Correctional Institution

Steven Lazrove, M.D.
Susan Sampl, Ph.D.

(all) CMHC/York CI

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PS1: Infectious Disease

MRSA Infection at the Los Angeles County Jail from 2002 to 2010: Epidemiology and Response

Garrett M. Cox, M.P.H.
Mark A. Malek, M.D., M.P.H.

(all) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Spatial Analysis of MRSA at the Los Angeles County Jail: Implications for Surveillance and Control

Jasmeet K. Dhaliwal, B.S.
Garrett M. Cox, M.P.H.
Mark A. Malek, M.D., M.P.H.
(all) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Racial Differences in Drug Use Behaviors and Risk for HCV Infection Among Massachusetts Inmates

Kelsey R. Hills-Evans, B.A.
Massachusetts General Hospital

Ellen H. Nagami, B.A.
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

A "One-Two Punch" Leading to Hepatitis C Seroconversion

Ellen H. Nagami, B.A.
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Hepatitis Immunization of High-risk Population at the Los Angeles County Jail: Use of Accelerated Schedule

John C. Costumbrado, B.S.
Garrett M. Cox, M.P.H.
Mark A. Malek, M.D., M.P.H.

(all) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


PS2: Mental Health

National Study of Suicide in People with Criminal Justice System History

Roger T. Webb, Ph.D.
University of Manchester

Ping Qin, Ph.D.
Hanne Stevens, M.Sc.

(all) NCRR, University of Aarhus

Jenny Shaw, Ph.D.
University of Manchester

Preben B. Mortensen, Dr.Med.Sc.
NCRR, University of Aarhus

Louis Appleby, M.D.
University of Manchester

Mental Health System Changes and Reincarceration of Individuals with Mental Illnesses

Anna Scheyett, Ph.D.
Carrie Pettus-Davis, M.S.W.

(all) University of North Carolina

Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Harmonizing Databases? Using a Quasi-experimental Design to Evaluate a Public Mental Health Re-entry Program

Stephanie W. Hartwell, Ph.D.
UMass Boston

The Corrections Modified/Global Assessment of Functioning (CM-GAF) Scale: Initial Findings

Deborah Shelton, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
University of Connecticut-Storrs

Suicide and Self-harm Risk Assessment Within Correctional Settings: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Maria Masotta, Psy.D.
Joel Andrade, Ph.D
(all) MHM/Clinical Operations


PS3: Policy

Health Consequences of Prolonged Pretrial Detention in Post-conflict or Disaster Nations

John P. May, M.D.
Armor Correctional Health Services

Jonathon Meadows, B.S., M.P.H. Student
University of South Florida

Challenges to Achieve UN Minimum Prison Health Standards in Resource-poor Countries

Jonathon Meadows, B.S., M.P.H. Student
University of South Florida

John P. May, M.D.
Armor Correctional Health Services

Why Correctional Administrators and Academic Researchers Should be Interested in Prisoner Nutrition: Proposed Research Agenda

Alice Tang, Ph.D.
Kimberly Dong, M.S., RD
Mkaya Mwamburi, Ph.D.

(all) Tufts University

Debbie Mathieu, B.S., LDN
Michael Fine, M.D.

(all) Rhode Island Department of Corrections


PS4: Public Health

Death Related to Infectious Disease in Ex-prisoners: An International Comparative Study

Ingrid A. Binswanger, M.D., M.P.H.
Patrick J. Blatchford, Ph.D.

(all) University of Colorado

Simon J. Forsyth, B.A.
University of Queensland

Marc F. Stern, M.D., M.P.H.
University of Washington

Stuart A. Kinner, Ph.D.
Burnet Institute

Drug-related Risk Factors for Death after Release from Prison: A Nested Case Control Study

Ingrid A. Binswanger, M.D., M.P.H.
Patrick J. Blatchford, Ph.D.
Traci E Yamashita, MA

(all) University of Colorado

Marc F. Stern, M.D., M.P.H.
University of Washington

Leading Medical Causes of Mortality Among Male Prisoners in Texas, 1992-2003

Amy J. Harzke, Dr.P.H.
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Varicella Prevention in Corrections: A Cost Effectiveness Study

Janet C. Mohle-Boetani, M.D., M.P.H.
California Prison Health Care /Public Health

Risk Factors for Drug Injection in a Large Sample of Australian Prisoners

Stuart A. Kinner, Ph.D.
Rebecca Jenkinson, Ph.D.
(all) Centre for Population Health, Burnet Institute

M-J. Milloy, Ph.D.
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS


PS4: Public Health

Opioid Treatment and Overdose Prevention at Release from Jail Using Extended-release Naltrexone

Joshua D. Lee, M.D., M.Sc.
NYU School of Medicine

Collaborative Behavioral Management Reduces Substance Use Among Drug-involved Parolees

Peter D. Friedmann, M.D., M.P.H.
Rhode Island Hospital

Initiation of Methadone During Incarceration and Linkage to Treatment upon Release: Six-month Outcomes

Brad Brockmann, J.D.
The Miriam Hospital

What are the Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Incarceration for Substance Users?

Rachel Simon, Sc.B.
Brown University

Jennifer Clarke, M.D., M.P.H.
Brown University Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

Drug-use Correlates of Suicide Attempts and Ideations in a Sample of In-custody Juveniles

Sonia Alemagno, Ph.D.
Eric Jefferis, Ph.D.
Angela Kavadas, B.S.
Thomas W. Brewer, Ph.D.
Peggy Shaffer-King, M.A.

(all) Kent State University, College of Public Health 


PS6: Infectious Diseases

A Comparative Effectiveness Study of a Rapid HIV Testing Algorithm in an Urban Jail

Sonali P. Kulkarni, M.D., M.P.H.
University of California, Los Angeles and the Department of Veterans Affairs

To Volunteer or Not to Volunteer: Motivations for Participating in HIV/AIDS Research in Correctional Settings

Barry Zack, M.P.H.
The Bridging Group

Bridget L. Hanson, Ph.D.
Staci Corey, M.S.
Christiane Brems, Ph.D.
Gloria D. Eldridge, Ph.D.
Mark E. Johnson, Ph.D.

(all) University of Alaska Anchorage

Improving Medical Engagement of HIV+ Inmates Through Dually-based Mental Health and Case Management

Tom Lincoln, M.D.
Maureen Desabrais, M.A.

(all) Hampden County Correctional Center

Dominique Simon-Levine, Ph.D.
Allies in Recovery

Implementation of Rapid HIV Testing in Large Urban Jails

Curt G. Beckwith, M.D.
Miriam Hospital/Rhode Island Hospital

Parole Officer/Parolee Relationships and HIV Risk Behaviors During Community Supervision

Traci C. Green, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Brown School of Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital


PS7: Reentry

The Impact of Transitions Clinic on Healthcare Utilization and Recidivism of Individuals Released from Prison

Emily A. Wang, M.D.
Yale University School of Medicine

Linkages to Care: Improving Health Outcomes for the Recently Released

Alison O. Jordan, M.C.S.W.
Paul A Teixeira, Dr.P.H., M.A.

(all) Transitional Health Care Coordination, NYC DOHMH

Electronic Personal Health Records: An Opportunity to Improve Healthcare Upon Reentry?

Arash Anoshiravani, M.D., M.P.H.
Stanford University

Is Providing Linkage Services for HIV-positive Jail Detainees to Community Care Cost Effective?

Hillary M. Superak, B.S.
Anne C. Spaulding, M.D., M.P.H.
Zhou Yang, Ph.D.

(all) Emory University

Stephen Resch, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Harvard School of Public Health

Curt G. Beckwith, M.D.
The Miriam Hospital

Alison Jordan, M.S.W.
Aviva Michelman, B.A.
(all) NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Irshad Shaikh, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
AIDS Care Group

Steven Pinkerton, Ph.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin


PS8: Policy

Post-release Use of MassHealth Services

Paul B. Kirby, M.A.
MassHealth Quality Office

Warren J. Ferguson, M.D.
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Ann G. Lawthers, Sc.D.
MassHealth Quality Office

Expanding Health Information Technology: User Evaluation of a Corrections Electronic Health Record

Phillip W. Roeder, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky Department of Family Practice

Madison L. Gates, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky

Georgia Correctional Health Data Sharing Project

Michelle Staples-Horne, M.D., M.P.H.
Georgia Dept. of Juvenile Justice

Corrections/Academic Partnership: Innovations for Workforce Development and Quality Outcomes

Tom A. Groblewski, D.O.
UMass Medical School - UMass Correctional Health

Janet Fraser Hale, Ph.D., RN, FNP
UMass Medical School - Graduate School of Nursing

The Association Between Alcohol, Marijuana, and Sexual Risk-taking Among Juvenile Drug Court Offenders

Selby M. Conrad, Ph.D.
Marina Tolou-Shams, Ph.D.
Larry K. Brown, M.D.

Alpert Medical School of Brown University

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